Our name, Cognifide, brings together two words that underpin our values and our business; cognition and fidelity. Cognition reflects our experience and expertise, and fidelity means that if we make a commitment, we always honour it. We nurture a caring, inclusive and stimulating culture. Cognifide is a great place to work!


There’s a wide range of technology enthusiasts at Cognifide. Java Developers, Front-End Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Systems Engineers and Technical Project Managers, to name a few. In the last 14 years we’ve delivered over 400 high-quality projects for multiple international clients; we’ve lectured at over 200 events; we’ve educated a couple of generations of students, and created nearly 500,000 lines of open source code. Have fun exploring it!

Our culture

Open, honest and inclusive are words that sum us up well. It’s our culture and our focus on knowledge sharing that really make the difference. We put a premium on creativity, and technology is at the core of our DNA.

Our offices

While we’re headquartered in London, we've built a hub of more than 300 engineers and experts across our two offices in Poznań and Bydgoszcz, Poland. In our day-to-day work we push the boundaries, create trends and find innovative ways to improve our development process. We love to hear feedback, exchange experiences and answer any questions you may have. Just drop us a message.